Add TV to your marketing mix with the touch of a button

DC Audience is the first Germany-wide platform to plan and book performance TV campaigns. Designed for fast-growing digital companies, it makes TV marketing as easy as digital ads.
Reach 75 million viewers in Germany
TV is alive and kicking in Germany. An average consumer's daily viewing time is 217 minutes, making TV the most consumed media in the country.
TV campaigns for as low as €10,000
You don't need to be a Ferrero or L'Oréal to be on national TV. We designed DC Audience for fast-growing digital brands in mind – so you can run your first test campaign from 10,000€
Optimised media plans based on real data from thousands of TV campaigns
DC Audience is built on experience from thousands of performance TV campaigns. The platform uses this data to optimise a media plan for your target group – complete with CPM and CPV forecast.
Get support from top performance marketers
Our marketing experts have been growing brands on TV for the last 20 years. We support you every step of the way whenever you need guidance.
How it works
Just 4 steps to get your brand on TV
Choose your
target group
Tell us about your audience and when you want to be on air.
Get your optimal channel mix
We choose the cheapest and best-performing channels for your target group.
We book your
air time
Hard work for us, hands off for you! We'll review your plan and finalise bookings with all stations.
You're on air!

Sit back and witness your brand on air with thousands of other viewers.
Scale up with TV like our other great clients
Test, learn and scale with DC Audience
Backed by data from thousands of real campaigns and supported by top performance TV marketers.